Monday, January 25, 2010

Shares: Interest Round-up

It has been a while since I posted, and it has been for lack of time. I have been saving things that have caught my eye though, so here we are:

Color Me Katie : Great blog. My friend Kristen actually sent this my way, knowing I would just love it. And I do. I just love how bright it is. and the ideas that she has that pop into her head. Actually very inspirational. fact.

New Dress a Day : I am a sucker for anything that has 'before' and 'after' shots, deals with thrift clothes, and is a challenge of sorts. This has it all.

Bent Object Photo Gallery and Artist Terry Borders Blog Check it out.

Book sculptures books, sigh*

"But after a volley of exhausting complaining, defending, finger-pointing and declaring one's right to creative license, a new conundrum has presented itself: It's hard to even know what an acceptable-size model is supposed to look like anymore. How big is big enough? And when does plus size, in a profoundly overweight population, become just as distressingly unhealthy an image as emaciation?" Excerpt from this article that speaks exactly how I feel about this issue.

Another food article, this one focusing on School Lunches and Revoluntion Foods, Inc.

And finally, We Have Lazers! is awesome. I think I am going to make  a background (or a few) out of posters and paint, and take pictures of all my friends now. This sounds like an awesome project. Or a good Party idea to keep people entertained.

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