Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly: Aren't they Beautiful

Those who know me know that for the longest time (well...really the only women to ever top the list) of the most beautiful woman in hollywood was Angelina Jolie. There would be others who came along and they always were very close in ranks for the positions of 2-5:

**Rachel McAdams**Mandy Moore**Kerry Washington**Jean Seberg**Anne Hathaway**Kate Winslet**Natalie Portman**

But finally, Someone has taken the thrown from Angie. This has been growing, and seeing her on the cover of 'Bust' Magazine yesterday at Barnes and Noble solidified it. The most beautiful woman, hands down, in Hollywood is America Ferrera.


I basically want to look exactly like her. I suppose I need to work on the 'Latin heritage' portion first...


  1. GAHHHHH! I KNOW! She is so amazingly beautiful, it's really ridiculous! Sooo so so so much better than Ange, because she is all spidery and plastic surgery-ed. America looks so incredible, and real.

    PS, I also love Rosario Dawson.

  2. I like her too! really, I figured it out (a trend among boys and girls I find uber attractive)

    I LOVE big features. Wider or more pronounced noses. Big lips. Wide mouths. Big eyes.

    I love pronounced, big features. I could give you a ZILLION examples of this.


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